With a skilled technical team, and established presence at national, provincial and district level, OPHID is committed to improving the health and survival of Zimbabwean children, mothers and their families. The organisation has developed partnerships with local, regional organisations, research institutions and collaborates closely with MOHCC to ensure that Zimbabwean children, women and men (including young people and adolescents) have enhanced access to quality HIV services.

Our Vision
All Zimbabweans will enjoy the highest quality of health and family life.

Our Mission statement
We strive to strengthen health systems by working collaboratively with government, communities and other key partners to develop and support relevant, sound and sustainable public health policies and practices.

OPHID Board of Trustees
OPHID is guided and supervised by a Board of Trustees that provides a mixture of medical, legal, financial and banking expertise, which is beneficial to the direction and development of the organisation.

The OPHID Team
We are a dynamic, multidisciplinary and energetic team of clinicians, social scientists, public health practitioners and researchers.