OPHID Implementation Research Approach

OPHID conducts implementation research on our on-going program activities within Maternal Newborn and Child Health (MNCH), as well as targeted research projects to develop evidence on specific questions arising from program observations.

Our research aims to produce continuous evidence to inform policy and programs.

We use mixed-method approaches to develop evidence that provides practical solutions to context-based challenges in near to real-time. Please see our Action Research Spiral to see how OPHID approaches the use of mixed methods from multiple sources to address identified evidence-practice gaps.

Our research approaches are inclusive and participatory

Our research is rooted in participatory methods, and stakeholders from community (rural pregnant women and their families, traditional leaders); site level (rural health care workers); District, Provincial and National levels are involved in the design and execution of each investigation. This inclusive approach is intended to ensure that our research activities are meeting the most pressing evidence requirements for PMTCT and MNCH programs in Zimbabwe, while including the voices of all relevant stakeholders.


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