Strategic Information,Monitoring and Evaluation

Our approach:

OPHID's strategic information and evaluation (SIE) unit works closely with the AIDS and TB Program in the Ministry of Health and Child Care (MOHCC) to provide technical assistance on monitoring and evaluation (M&E) activities. We work towards enhancing the type and quality of data generated by the national health system and use it to improve individual, district, and provincial level program performance. Our approaches aim at all health care service levels and include
• Technical support to national M&E working groups;
• Embedded rapid assessments to generate information complementary to routine data;
• Capacity building of district and site level staff in M&E through training, site support and mentoring.

We believe that “data really powers everything we do” – that’s why we stand for timely, high quality and accurate data.


Linkages with other initiatives:

We continuously interact with routine program data to identify opportunities for Operations Research. To view our implementation research, please click here.